The Kingdom of Northshield Fall 2011 Coronation will be held at the Three Rivers Waldorf School at 901 Caledonia St. in the Shire of Rokeclif (La Crosse, Wisconsin). The site is discreetly damp and fully handicap accessible.

Site opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM with post revel to follow.

There is limited parking on the street around the school. Please follow any parking regulation signs posted and any extra event signs posted. A private parking area for all Royalty and their retinue, handicapped, and event staff will be available.

Important Notice: The school has asked us to respect their teachers and not add or erase any information on the blackboards in the classrooms.

Site rules and/or info:

Populace space is very roomy – and kind of empty. If you wish to set up a presence, please feel free. But bring your own furniture. (Beds not necessary, but hey! Who am I to deny your comfort?)

Candles are allowed at feast as long as they are enclosed.
No animals except service animals and fighters.
Site is discreetly damp.
Site is non-discreetly non-smoking.

Fighting will be available, but please be aware there are no showers.

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