Heavy Fighting

Armored Combat for Their Royal Highnesses Vladimir and Petranella’s Coronation will have a decidedly Crown Tourney flavor. What does that mean? Well it means that all fighting will be using the weapon styles chosen for Their Crown Tournament in October: 18″ buckler and single-handed weapon, great sword, pole arm, great axe, 6′ spear.

There will be two tournaments. The first will be a buckler and weapon double elimination tournament. If you don’t have an 18″ (or smaller) buckler we hope to have a few extras, if you have a buckler that you would be willing to loan out during this tournament we would be very thankful. The second tournament will be comprised of the great weapons previously mentioned and will consist of four speed tourney rounds: pole arm, great sword, great axe, and 6′ spear. You may enter (and win) as many of the speed rounds as you feel like (pending authorizations). The Winners of each round will then compete for the Ultimate Great Weapons Warrior of the Day. This prize will be a basket of goodies donated by… Shhhhh. It’s a secret!

See you on the field.

We can try to fit in authorizations on a case by case basis depending on availability of marshals and authorization partners.

Please contact me prior to the event so that I can more easily accommodate you. Provide your SCA name, mundane name, address, region and styles that you would like to attempt.

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