Friday, September 9

6:00 – 9:00 pm. Site is open to staff, retinue, merchants, vigil and A&S set-up. Please contact Kudrun Pilegrim  or Bronislàva  for your golden ticket. (Or eat a lot of chocolate. No guarantees there, though.)


Saturday, September 10

8:00 AM – Site open for staff, royalty, merchants, and vigil only.
9:00 AM – Site open to populace. Gate opens. (And they’re off!!!!!)
10:00 AM – Morning court.

12:00 PM (or immediately after court)
Lunch by Lady Altheia (Menu is posted separately.)
Noontime Singing, hosted by Master Christian d’Hiver
Vigil of Don Niccolo Falconetto
Fighting of various types at the whim of the marshals.
Theodweard l’Archier will marshal armored combat.  Lord Ahlwin will co-marshal fencing.

A&S display in the Throne Room (Please show off your stuff!)
Other classes at the whim of teachers. (Please – have more whims and tell Kudrun about them!)  Classes so far include hand sewing, and introduction to illumination.
Games! Merchants! Schmoozing!

Childcare will be provided between one and five by school staff at a cost of $6 per child per hour. Space is limited. Preregistration is required.

4:30 PM – Afternoon court.
6:00 PM – Feast (yummy….)
8:00 PM Cleaning up and bailing (help wanted).
After that – Post revel at Gavin’s (Information available the day of the event).

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